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Graphic Design - UI/UX design

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Graduated in Communication Design (ESTGP, 2007) and Master in Multimedia Communication (University of Aveiro, 2018), Ricardo has experience in graphic design, brand design, web design, user Interfaces, editorial design and package design. Has interests in areas such as illustration, ui/ux design, game design, signs / icons design, product design, photography, multimedia;

Collaborated with companies of Marketing, Design, Food industry, Photography...; Founded the brand "Whynot" ( incubation central AIBAP - 2009), where he was owner designer.

In recent years he has worked as a GUI Designer (Research fellow) at the Institute of Electronic and Telematic Engineering of Aveiro - University of Aveiro.

It develops institutional identity design, brand and logo design, design for applications (web, desktop and mobile), user experience design, icon designs, signs/wayfinding design, lavels design, packging design, graphic design.

"As a designer, the focus and methods of my work, seek to get the best answers and solutions to issues and needs."